Piracy & Counterfeiting

We work closely with each of our clients to understand the impact of piracy, counterfeiting, and diversion on their markets and customers. We work together to define and implement strategies and tactics most appropriate for each client. We work to ensure that each client’s strategic plan yields tangible results, whether in the form of seizures, settlements, injunctions, heightened awareness, increased law enforcement activity, or stronger IP laws and penalties. Özay&Demir has vast experience coordinating civil and criminal copyright enforcement actions in Turkey including obtaining search warrants, restraining orders, seizure orders, and preliminary and permanent injunctions afterwards.

Internet enforcement has significant role in Özay&Demir’s anti-piracy practice. We work closely with our business partner DigiGuardians (www.digiguardians.com) to monitor and track the web, with the aim of identifying illicit activity in all parts of the world and across all protocols. We could conduct notice and take-down programs; apply digital forensic intelligence and perform civil and criminal actions against online infringers.